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Does GOLFZON have an app that will keep record of my stats?


Absolutely! You can download the app for free via Google Play or Apple Store. Once you have created a profile with Golfzon, (click "Join" at the top of this page) the app will record all your rounds of golf. It will record your stats for average driving distance, fairway & green percentages and average putts per round. After a few rounds of play, it will determine your handicap, which you can use in our leagues and tournaments.


Get the App - It adds a whole new dimension to your Golfplay experience!


If you want to make your GOLFZON Winnipeg experience even more enjoyable and rewarding GET THE APP! 


Should I bring my own balls? Do I need to wear golf shoes?

We’ve got your balls covered! In fact, the balls will be automatically teed up, ready  for you to hit your long drives. As for shoes,  many of our players bring their own golf shoes, however any pair of comfortable shoe will be fine.


How does putting work?


Putting on GOLFZON simulators is unparalleled - They offer the finest putting experience of any golf simulator in the world. It captures even the most finessed putt down a slope, and it even  you play breaks and lags perfectly. The software allows you to set up the gimmie range from 0 to over 18'. We typically set it at around 6' to help keep play moving. After you get the feel of it, you'll be draining those long ones!


What about chipping and flop shots?


As the GOLFZON high speed cameras and sensors are above and not at the screen, you can be as creative as you want with your short game. High flop shots or soft chips or other nuanced are no problem for Golfzon simulators - play whatever shot you want!


How accurate are the distances? Is it the same as on the field?


GOLFZON simualtors are extremely accurate, and the distances are much the same to what you would hit outdoors. If you hit a 9 iron 110 yards outdoors, the ball will travel a similar distance on our simulators. Bounce & roll distances however are always very consistent on the simulators, unlike outdoors where balls play out very differently depending on the course conditions.


How many courses can I choose from?


You may choose from over 190 different courses from all over the globe  including St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Royal Aberdeen, and Kiawah Island. In addition, there are a lot of excellent courses from Korea and other Asian countries that are very challenging and fun to play. Even some virtual courses that only exist at GOLFZON! You can preview all our courses, including hole by hole flyovers here.


I heard the floor moves. Is that true?


It is true! The GOLFZON hydraulic swingplate lifts and tilts to replicate sidehill and downhill lies, giving your round that extra challenge with a more realistic playing experience. In addition, there are fairway, rough & sand areas to hit from. But you can’t cheat! The system monitors where the ball is & gives you a distance penalty if you “accidentally” play your shot from the wrong area.

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